Monday, March 28, 2016

Republican governor of Georgia vetoes anti-gay "religious freedom" bill; NC bill signed

The Republican governor Nathan Deal has vetoed the supposed “religious freedom” bill, saying he could not think of a single instance when legitimate practice of religion had been violated by anti-discrimination bills.  CNN has a story by Ralph Ellis.  Huffington has the story by Jennfier Bendery and Elise Foley
The National Football League had threatened to pull a possible 2019 Super Bowl from Atlanta, and several movie companies, especially Walt Disney, protested.  Lionsgate and Summit films are often shot in Georgia (like the “Divergent” series, which is suddenly ironic).

The governor’s action will probably put some pressure on the governor in North Carolina, where the legislature has tried to ban all local anti-discrimination bills over the transgender bathroom issue as addressed by a bill in Charlotte.  The veto might also pressure GOP presidential candidates from making anti-gay remarks (especially on marriage or the military) during the campaign season or at the convention.


Sorry, N,C. governor Pat McCrory (R) has signed the bill and called the protests "political theater", ignoring the over-breadth of the law, going way beyond bathrooms. However, it seems that his desire to prevent local governments from undermining what he sees as a common sense public safety matter has severe consequences in other areas, and needs to be much more narrowly drawn.  (Note: transgender people can legally use the facility of choice if they change gender on their birth certificate, according to the governor.)

The ACLU and Lambda Legal do plan to litigate against the NC law, AP story.

Also, Vox Media (German Lopez)  reports that a federal judge has struck down the only remaining state same-sex adoption ban, in Mississippi. This will get more attention soon.

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