Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Food and Friends has "Dine Out for Life"; bathroom bills affect "gender non-conforming" women

I see that Food and Friends has a regular Blogspot blog and an entry for its “Dine Out for Life” in the Washington DC area, Thursday April 28, 2016, link here.  One of the restaurants is Freddie’s in Crystal City in Arlington; the owner was honored recently at the Equality Virginia dinner in Richmond.

I’ll add a perspective by Steven Petrow “A ‘restroom bill’s’ other victims”, the Washington Post style section, Tuesday, April 26, 2016, here. The online title is more telling, “’Bathroom bills’ focus on the trans community but could affect another group more”.  That is, “gender non-conforming” – especially girls who are taller or more athletic than usual, or who don’t conform to conventional societal beauty expectations (often imposed by heterosexual men), like shaving their legs.


Picture from last night's dinner at Freddie's (a buffet, rather brunch-like, for $35, with a 110% match for Food and Friends).

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