Friday, April 01, 2016

Major gay publication criticized for "laying off" older reporter in apparent attempt to appeal to young audiences

I haven’t looked at Frontiers Magazine in a while, but remember it;  I was shocked to see the story where the Florida publication “laid off” (fired) a 66-year-old reporter Karen Ocamb, as related in this story in Lgbtqnation (by Bill Browning), creating a sensation and indignation on Facebook.    She was even called in from vacation for a “five-minute meeting”.

The story goes into the publication’s desire to appeal to advertisers who sell to “millennials”.  The problem is,, LGBTQ publications need the knowledge base of older people, who remember what it was like when society really did make our private lives their business, with bar raids, firings, expulsions from the military, denied security clearances, and the like (let alone AIDS in the 1980s).

The debate hasn’t always neem framed in terms of marriage equality or transgender bathroom visits.
I see this all the time socially.  People in their 20s have no idea what it – “The Normal Heart”  used to be like.

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