Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Washington DC businesses must brace for loss of late night Metro; gay men have new role models

Businesses are reportedly working with Uber and Lyft on the issue of late night transportation for customers and especially employees of businesses, especially bars and restaurants, once Metro closes at 12 midnight on weekends starting June 3.  But we haven’t heard any indication that Metro thinks it can replace the late train service with bus service.

Mayor Boswer is still trying to encourage rotating late night shutdowns only.

Business was very brisk Friday night at Town, even on a holiday weekend, the last weekend of late night service.  It seems that the under 21 college crowd is emulating the science stars of the world as rock stars.  There were a couple of “Jack Andraka” look-alikes, and one Taylor Wilson imitation (although about three inches too tall).  All the sudden, the roles models aren’t just athletes, movie stars, or conventional rock stars (or boy bands, as Justin Timberlake looks over the hill).  Or even founders of companies like Facebook.  Young men (or women) who discover cancer tests or build nuclear fusion reactors as teenagers are the new X-Men (or women), ready to play virtual “Mutants” just as themselves (without makeup) in the next X-Men Marvel Movie.
Remember, Anderson Cooper actually likes X-Men.

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