Sunday, May 15, 2016

While DOJ and NC sue each other over bathroom bills, commentators look for a big iceberg of discrimination underneath

Nick Halsam has a story explaining the special psychology of the “bathroom bills” today, getting into the physical shame issue.

But ABC has a different perspective, showing that the bathroom bill issue is the tip of an iceberg about a much more pervasive problem of social discrimination against transgender people, as much out of ideology as actual decency or safety.  It’s the “iceberg” idea that affects how much I follow an issue.

Friday night, the U Street area was as festive as usual, with no one very concerned yet about Metro’s upcoming closings at midnight weekends.  I had no trouble getting a cab on 9th St at 1 :30 AM.  But it’s unclear how well they can take up the slack next month, and whether Metro will provide some sort of bus service.  I’ve tweeted NBC4 (Tuss) and Jack Evans on the bus service supplement issue.
Pictures: Taste of Arlington, today (Ballston area). There was a severe blockage for a while for cars trying to leave the garage, so my parking garage suggestion for the U Street area could be tricky.  But it works so well in West Hollywood.

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