Saturday, June 11, 2016

Surprise women's concert at Arlington bar

I did pop in on a women's consort performance "Wicket Jezabel" at Freddie's Beach Bar, late Friday night, in Arlington.

The group had a variety of instruments, including brass (saxophones).

Toward the end, the group played some songs from the late 1970s, bringing back memories of my last year living in NYC (1978).  

The event at Freddie's appeared to be large women last night,  I simply walked in and paid the cover.  I was late getting out last night.

I see that the Eagle will stay open until 6 AM, and that there is another Pride event that runs Saturday night until 9 AM Sunday.  These measures seem to be related to the fact that Metro now closes at midnight, so bars may be seeking to extend after-hours (no alcohol) until it reopens the next morning. 

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