Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gay community divided on "Black Lives Matter", as many white gay men don't feel "marginalized" now

Steve Petrow has a provocative story in the Washington Post Style section today Thursday July 14, 2016, “A divide in the LGBT community”, or, online, “Black, queer, ignored: Why the LGBT community is divided on Black Lives Matter”

The story reports on a disruption of Toronto’s gay pride parade over the issue.

There is a mentality of identifying with a “marginalized” group.  But many white gays don’t feel particularly marginalized today, and have little sympathy with the way the “groupthink” of BLM is pimped in demonstrations.
Also, many people feel that whether one is willing to date or dance with an opposite race member is an issue now, with moral implications.  I sometimes see this on dance floors.

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