Friday, July 22, 2016

HRC blasts Trump, calls him potentially anti-LGBTQ president ever in text message this morning

I found an alarmist message from HRC on my iPhone when I got up this morning.    It read “The time for underestimating Trump is over. He could honestly be the most anti-LGTBQ president ever.   It also texts “49 celebrities honor 49 Orlando victims. Watch this moving tribute now and take action with HRC.”  I was certainly surprised by the aggressive tone of it. The Washington Blade had a kinder and gentler account by Christ Johnson here.

Donald Trump, in his speech last night, labored to pronounce “L B T G Q” (especially the “Q”), and said that “our” greatest threat comes from foreign enemies.  Ted Cruz made a similar statement while not endorsing Trump.

Indeed, that’s been my own personal spin on Orlando, rather than on focusing on some sort of special victim status for a marginalized group, mine or anyone’s.  But that is not to say they’re aren’t pretty horrible pseudo-Christian domestic enemies still around (like Westboro Baptist Church, which ironically claimed "God Hates America" with its banners in the mid 2000's).

Peter Thiel made his speech, the first from an openly gay person at an RNC, but dismissed the bathroom bills controversy as a sideshow, with “Who cares”.  That seems to have angered a lot of people.  CNN reports on it here and Time has the text of his speech.  The NBA has moved a world series from North Carolina over the bathroom controversy (CNN )  I just did some travel in the mountainous part of North Carolina and nobody ever mentioned the issue.

I will cover this more “generically” on Wordpress soon, but I do have a problem with “solidarity” for its own sake.  I don’t put on uniforms or t-shirts and ask other people for money for causes, now, although I have done that in the past.  I don’t feel it’s particularly honorable to be remembered as the victim of an enemy that you or your culture has made, and I wouldn’t want to be “honored” that way if my end came that way.  (During the Vietnam era, some people said they did not want to come back maimed or be “honored” for what was involuntary sacrifice, and that’s how I felt, too, when we had a draft.)  Maybe I get some of where Trump’s emotion comes from.  But, then, imagine another parallel world and I’m a Jew living in Germany around 1934 (or Poland in 1939).  If they come for me, I would have little resolve or resilience to survive “for the group”, which a couple generations later would itself take away territory from “the others”.  I can’t solve all this now.

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