Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Article in new gay magazine slams body fascism, says dating apps are starting to deal with it

Remember how, back in the 1970s, a lot of gay personal ads would say “no fats, no fems”? 
The Unleashed Voice (and “Tuvmag”) has an article by Martavius Hampton on p. 24, “No Fats, No Fens, No Old Heads, Preference or Prejudice?”  The best online link I could find was this PDF.  The magazine was handed out at Outwrite DC this past weekend.

I could add, maybe, “No Old Souls.”

The article uses a new acronym, SGL, for the “same-gender-loving” community.

There is a belief (rather parallel to “Twitter etiquette”) that your dating range is supposed to br +- 7 years.  I don’t know if the dating sites or apps use this idea.  (That makes my range sound like a basketball score, 80-66;  it’s too late to play football).

People are, in a libertarian world, free to experience their own preferences in intimate relationships.  There’s a physiological, dopamine-related process involved.  But sometimes when something is “OK” at an individual level, there is a herd effect for the group, which collectively gets known as "body fascism" (way beyond "lookism"), which can eventually have political consequences for a group.  At the end, the writer says, “it does become troubling when a preference turns into a statement that blatantly disqualifies a group of people from datability before any aspect of their actual character has ever been brought into consideration. Thank goodness that some of the app companies and advocates are slowly trying to address this problem.”  

I'm reminded of an episode of "Mistresses" (TV, July 5, 2016) where a character says she would never date a transgender person.

Update: Aug. 15

Distantly (or distally) related is this Vox article by Jennifer Desmond Harris on the odd religious reasoning behind old objections to interracial marriage. 

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