Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bail-bond industry involved in litigation over charity that seems to help some gay refugees in central Virginia

The Washington Post Metro section has a shocking story by Justin William Meyer Tuesday August 2, 2016, “He wanted to fix a broken bail system; then Hitler emoji came his way” .

The print headline informs us of a lawsuit, “Va. Charity hounded by bail industry and officials, suit alleges.”  The plaintiff is Michael Donovan, who founded a charity “Libre by Nexus” in 2012, to help impoverished people make bail, most of all, in some cases, possibly illegal or undocumented immigrants, some of whom may be gay men seeking refuge from gangs in countries ranging from El Salvador to several countries with anti-gay repression in Africa (probably Nigeria is a the top of the list now). The plaintiff claims that people from the Augusta County sheriff’s office and others in that county have hounded him, especially sometimes about the gay angle. The defendants allegedly are trying to protect the business model for the “for profit” bail system.

Augusta County straddles the Shenandoah Valley, with Staunton as the county seat.  Ironically, I was there recently, visiting the Woodrow Wilson museum.  Remember, the museum hardly mentions the way Wilson had defended the WWI military draft with “sedition” laws.

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