Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Former New Jersey lesbian guidance counselor sues Catholic school for firing her after she marries

A New Jersey newspaper (Newark) is still following the lawsuit by Kate Drumgoole, against the Paramus Catholic High School in the Newark Archdiocese, who had worked as Dean of Guidance and girls’ basketball coach, after she was terminated for entering into a legal same-sex marriage. Story by Allison Pries here.

I’ve always wondered about the wisdom of working for parochial schools that have these policies.  On the other hand, I would wonder why the school feels so trapped that it has to keep enforcing its own myths.  Here, the undercurrent is a female role model who will not submit to men and give them children.  Whatever religion says, I guess that’s threatening to many men.

I recall, when I worked for Univac in Montclair starting in 1972, often walking past a Catholic school nearby.  I thought, those students are being indoctrinated to serve the ends of others.  It always works that way.
And I’ve encountered numerous gay men who worked in Christian schools in the past, and wondered why they took the jobs,

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