Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Maryland school district won't reveal transgender students in intimate settings; does privacy protect transgender status?

The Washington Times has a front page story by Bradford Richardson on Aug.24, “Transgender students in bed to be kept secret from parents; Schools cite privacy as the reason”, or, online, “Md. School district: Don’t tell parents if transgender males bunk with daughters”, link.
This was in Anne Arundel County Public Schools (a good school system which produced the brilliant Andraka brothers).  Of course, TWT uses the term “male” according to biological gender, not identity.  Personally, I think the school district is being too radical and too far into identity politics.  It’s still reasonable to expect students to make their gender identity change official in some way first (even if in private records, or even if not online).  That is, do transgender students have the right for others not to know what their biological gender was – that they are transgender if they claim a new identity?

Nevermind, Major League Baseball will have a transgender pitcher some day.  Bound to happen.

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