Friday, August 05, 2016

Outwrite DC starts book fair; Uganda unrest, asylum issues mentioned

Outwrite DC started its LGBTQ book fair in Washington DC tonight.

I attended a panel discussion with Kevin M. Cathcart and Leslie J. Gabel-Brett, editors of “Love Unites Us: Winning the Freedom to Marry in America”   Jennifer C. Pizer also spoke. I will review the book soon on a Wordpress blog.

Before the discussion, the situation at Uganda Pride, which exploded yesterday, was mentioned.  There is a Blade story by Michael Lavers here.

There was also mention of the asylum situation.  The Blade has a story here by Michael Lavers about a Gay Syrian refugee at Vancouver Pride.  It was mentioned that there are about 30 refugees or asylees in the mid-Atlantic area needing some kind of assistance, but there were no specifics. Center Global (July 28 posting) addresses the issue which will be covered in more detail later as details develop (especially on my new Wordpress news blog). The group is said to meet once per month at DC Center now.

Later, there was another panel discussion.  Facebook has more details here.  There was one speaker who read an essay “Equality is not liberation.”  Indeed, “equality” implies specific norms, just like the religious idea of “rightsizing”.  Michael Moore’s idea of moral bankruptcy or moral shallowness (“I’ve got mine” or “I have needs too compared to you”) was compared to more demanding ideas in the writing of David Brooks, as to whether “liberation” needs to erase social moral norms.

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