Sunday, August 14, 2016

Revisiting MCCDC in Washington DC

This Sunday morning, I visited Metropolitcan Community Church of Washington DC for the first time in maybe three years.
I was a member in the 1990s and even accompanied piano there once in 1992 (when still ar 415 M Street).

MCCDC  has offered hosting to the Unity Fellowship Church of Washington DC  (which normally worships at 3 PM) and today swapped pastors for sermons.

The Fellowship says it was founded in 1982.  I do recall that there was a gay church in East Dallas in 1980 called the Unity Church which was the focal point for volunteers offering housing or services (referred from MCC Dallas) to the Cuban refugees and asylees associated with the Mariel Boat-Lift.  I don’t know if there is a connection to the 1982 church.

MCC Washington was pastored by Rev. Larry Uhrig, who passed away from AIDS in 1993.  He had penned a sponsored-content essay in the Washington Blade back in 1991, “There Is No better Half.”  I was somewhat a libertarian call for individualism and taking care of self first before becoming too concerned about what you “get” in a relationship.
MCC Washington also has a plaque from Whitman-Walker.

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