Thursday, September 15, 2016

Big picture on LGBTQ asylum seekers continues to get more nuanced

I’ve come across some more important stories on LTGTQ asylum seekers.

One was a story by John Riley from the Metro Weekly in May, 2016.  A number of people have come here with partners or on work or student visas and gotten “stuck” when visas expired, and have sought asylum.  You can’t work for the first six months after seeking it.  In a number of cases, people have been housed by private resources with little public attention, but there has been more attention to this since the summer of this year than before.

There is an organization which focuses on LGBTQ in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA). Called Spectra, link here.
Today, on “Who wants to be a millionaire?” there was a question about which group was barred from immigration before 1990, and the correct answer was gays (not unwed mothers).  The change in immigration law in 1990 is documented here, and the change with regard to HIV occurred in 2010 (CDC).

There is an increase in stories about abusive landlords and Central American asylum seekers,  in general, like in Washington’s City Paper.

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