Monday, September 12, 2016

I missed the Gays Against Guns DC demo Sept. 6, Facebook instructions confusing; Blade has details

Chris Johnson in the Washington Blade reports the development of a video about gun safety, by a survivor of the Pulse massacre, Chris Hayden, with video link here.

And Michel Laver report on a die-in outside the Rayburn building on Sept. 6, by the DC Chapter of Gays Against Guns, Code PINK, and WERK for Peace, link here.  The Group’s Facebook page is here  but doesn’t always have clear directions.

I attempted to find it around 1 PM Sept. 6 and did not find it.  Instead I checked Capitol Street South (as directed), and looked around the Supreme Court but did not think of walking a little further down Independence to find the Rayburn Building.

The Blade also has a front page story by Lou Chibarro, Jr. about the FBI arrest of a man in Florida for explicitly threatening a repeat of the Pulse attack at other locations in Florida, using Nazi-like ideology. The FBI moved in after the man was caught in a routine traffic violation by local police.

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