Friday, September 02, 2016

Some gays want to kick out the "T"; is gender a social construct, or is that just radical feminism?

Zac Alston has an article in Mercato and Intellectual Takeout, “Why some gays are trying to drop transgenders from LGB”, link.  (What about the "Q", which trips up Donald Trump?)

I wasn’t aware of the idea that the history of Stonewall was hijacked, as claimed here.

I get that gender is a social construct, and that one can desire to be a gender different from biological sex.  Sometimes that desire does not persist.  I don’t necessarily agree that marginalization of trans youth justifies simply allowing anything, without adult supervision (and maybe expecting birth certificate changes to be made).  I don’t like seeing this go down into identity politics.

There is also the Rosenfels idea of “polarity”, which seems in practice to be separate from both biological sex and gender.  I go into that in detail in my books, especially Chapter 3 of the first one.

Ashley Wylde above explains gender as a social construct, but then explains that it is not a social construct (second video  ).

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