Saturday, October 01, 2016

NoVa Pride held in Bull Run Park, VA, as dreary weather holds off

Northern Virginia Pride 2016 Festival was held Saturday in Bull Run Park, near Manassas Virginia (although barely within Fairfax County). The weather was cool, foggy, drizzly.

Many of the familiar groups were there, such as Adventuring, the outdoors group, which had a skyscraper building contest with wood blocks at its pavilion.

I did find AGLA.

I also found Log Cabin Republicans, which has not yet made up its mind on endorsing Donald Trump.  There was an admission that our system discourages well qualified candidates with better character to even try running for high office.

I found a lonely booth operated by UMFS, recruiting foster parents.
I did not find any booths related to immigration, refugees or asylum seekers.

An NSA drone flew around at times, sounding like a bumble bee.

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