Saturday, October 22, 2016

UK pardons men convicted of sodomy laws posthumously; Detroit org assists LGBT refugees and asylum seekers

The New York Times is reporting that the UK will pardon men convicted of sodomy before 1967 posthumously, in a front page story by Sewell Chan Friday Oct. 21.

The bill has the support of the new “Conservative” government and is named after Alan Turing.

Back in the early 1950s, men were sometimes arrested by police busting in to private homes.

Turning was arrested after reporting a robbery by a partner, and was forced to undergo chemical castration as an alternative to prison, an idea that led to his eventual suicide.  Today this sounds like one of the greatest personal outrages of history – against a man to whom England may owe its salvation from Hitler.  If opposition to homosexuality was about procreation, this punishment made even less sense.

Today, Center Global in Washington DC shared on Facebook an article by Kate Opalewski. “Freedom House  Seeks Help for LGBT Refugees”.  Freedom House is located in Detroit.   The organization should not be confused with a larger organization of the same name, which deals with freedom of the press. The article does not clearly differentiate between asylum seekers and refugees – an important distinction covered here before.  But the website does get into the special problems of asylum seekers.

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