Friday, November 25, 2016

DC Center (including Global and Aging) hosts LGBT Thanksgiving dinner

For Thanksgiving Day I did visit the DC Center in Washington DC for a seating at 2 PM for a family-style dinner sponsored by Center Global and Center Aging. 
There were perhaps 40 people.  A few (including some women and all well known groups) did say they were asylum seekers.  The group went around with introductions and favorite holidays.  One woman, an area resident, said Ramadan, because of the contemplation and self-sacrifice involved.
I had brought a pie from Food and Friends, but so had a lot of other people.  There was plenty of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and kale. 

Before the dinner, people played Blokus in the public room.  The “Blues” (Hillary) won over the Reds, the Yellows (Libertarians) and Greens (Jill Stein),  So maybe that’s an omen for Hillary’s possibly doing a recount. (Read Tim Lee's article in Vox about Jill Stein's election recount fund-raising, which he says has some mathematical and ethical merit -- the writer, a libertarian-leaning socially liberal conservative, and probably, at 36, a pretty fit candidate for office if the GOP noticed, supports her effort to provide another check at least on the integrity of the election.)

Photo link from DC Center. 

People had not seen the story about Tanzania (yesterday’s post). 

There’s another op-ed in the Washington Post Friday morning that conceivably could bear on the asylum seeker situation, by Zachary Price, “Entrapping the Dreamers", The op-ed reassures that the INS cannot use information that undocumented children used in applying for Obama’s DACA program. 

Generally, the mood of the group was good.  There seems to be a general impression that Trump is not likely carry out his early campaign threats of aggressive deportations (leading to more asylum claims), because it would be almost impossible to do, and because police departments and other law enforcement discourage the idea.

I spoke to one person quite privately about my own involvement. I am still playing “email tag” on this matter.  Nothing specific was said, but we will follow up in the week that starts with Monday November 28.  I got the impression that right now providing assistance or hosting outside of the District and the most accessible areas from Metro is quite difficult. 

There is another group called TASSC (Torture Abolition Survivors and Support Coalition) which has an outdoor run event Dec.4 in DC.   I have been told that they had operated a shelter.  There is an Asylum Women’s Empowerment Group in Baltimore  but I have little information and there seems to be a small shelter in Baltimore run by the Mennonite Church, but I have no other details right now. 

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