Wednesday, November 09, 2016

How will Trump behave on LGBTQ issues?

How bad is it?  That is, Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency for LGBTQ people?  To be fair, off the bat, Trump has said very little about LGBTQ, although Peter Thiel spoke openly at the convention, and Trump (stumbling over the "Q") said that the greatest threat to gay people was crime and terrorism, like it is for everyone else, he claims.  He did discuss the atrocity at the Pulse in Orlando in graphic terms in one of his speeches at the convention.

Vox has an alarming article by German Lopez, but the details aren’t quite as alarming as the hysterical title of the article.  Vox offers its usual card stack on trangender problems,

Slate has an article "Yes, Donald Trump would be a catastrophe for LGBTQ rights in America" by Mark Joseph Stern,  Most of the details are remote technical arguments related to federal funding that in practice rarely come up for many more affluent LGBT people (who may be more likely to identify with LCR, below, or with libertarianism).  Yet, I know of serious cases even in IT. In 2006, a contractor was fired because a client in Wyoming wouldn't work with LGBT people. ENDA would not get far in the new regime.

David Mariner of DC Center Global also as a nice article, “The New Normal”, emphasizing mental health, here.   He predicts the gay community will be playing defense.

Kevin Naff, editor of the Washington Blade, lists some predictions here .   He does fear that Trump could stop the integration of transgender into the military, if viewed as a frivolous complication for combat deployments.  (I'm not yet finding much concern that the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" could be undone, against the advice of military commanders now.)  Whether gay marriage would be undermined by a future Supreme Court sounds somewhat unlikely.  But religious freedom laws (by states) are likely to be upheld, although in practice relatively few employers and businesses ever try to use them, and there is tremendous practical pressure from big time sports (MLB, NFL, NBA) on states not to implement these laws.

 And the “bathroom bill” matter is likely to stall.  I’ve never been personally too concerned about the bathroom issue, but a recent AGLA forum on the matter made it clear that some transgender teens feel that they cannot safely use any bathroom in public schools.

Log Cabin Republicans , on Sept. 30, maintained that Trump is not a threat to LGBTQ progress, although in some areas progress could stall.  One  point concerns “New York Values”, which Ted Cruz had accused Trump of having.

A few prominent LGBTQ people in sciences and in entertainment have expressed disgust at the election (with the four-letter word in tweets).  There is particular disgust at Trump’s implicit racism among young adult white gay men.  No one counts on remaining privileged forever.

Trump’s adult kids (especially the oldest, Donald Jr, who will run dad’s real estate empire) seem a lot more responsible and temperate in what they say than The Donald himself.

Update: Nov. 10

The Washington Times claims that Trump actually held an LGBT flag in Colorado, brief story.

The National Organization for Marriage announced its agenda, which exposes its addiction to the idea of monopolizing and controlling other people's relationships.

Update: Nov12

A Facebook post that I am tagged in suggests the Pence has reaffirmed that LGBTQ rights will go (as Pence speaks to "homophobic" groups on the religious rignt.  If you read the actually ("US Uncut")  link, which indeed does pander to fears of the Christian right, all Pence really says is that he respect individual religious freedom. The headline as a lot of hyperbole.

The latest Blade list on XO's that Trump could undo is at the end of this article.  It would be possible to deny same-sex married partners equal immigration consideration.

Peter Thiel is part of the Trump transition team, but that's good mainly on the clean energy and power grid security issues (because Thiel has supported inventor Taylor Wilson).

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