Wednesday, November 16, 2016

St. Johns Wellness Center in Los Angeles supports transgender programs

The St. John’s Wellness Center in Los Angeles reports on a transgender beauty pageant with Caitlin Jenner in an article here.

It also reports on the extreme poverty of some transgender people here.

The press release:

This year marks the deadliest year on record for trans people, and with the current political climate, it could get even worse. Now more than ever is a time honor the lives lost and educate others on how to make the world a safer space for this community.

Committed to changing the wave of discrimination and offer a safe space, St. John’s Well Child and Family Center created and implemented the Transgender Health Program (THP), the only Los Angeles community clinic with a comprehensive transgender-focused health program and one of only five in the nation.
They are hosting two events focused on this message and mission:

2nd Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance: Friday November 18 from 12pm – 2pm
o Guests and speakers include members of the Los Angeles Police Department and the L.A. City Mayor’s Office along with St. John’s staff and transgender patients.
Transgender Town Hall: Tuesday, November 22 from 10am-3pm
o Speakers include Trans Activist President & CEO Trans Latina Coalition, Bamby Salcedo and Adrian Acencion Martinez, Community Organizer at theTransgender Law Center to discuss daily obstacles this community faces and long-term solutions in this political climate.
WHERE: 808 W. 58TH ST., Los Angeles, CA 90037, Megan Noller, O: 855.438.3553 C: 424.634.8370

Facebook Transgender Day of Remembrance Photos here.

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