Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump DOD could become more "manly"; dispute over religious freedom bilss; Trump on gay marriage

A story by Rowan Scarborough in the Washington Times  reports that the new defense secretary will be pressured to restore “warrior mentality” in the US military, link here,  calling for the need for a “counter-revolution” to reverse social engineering. The specific concerns were about transgender troops in the military, women in infantry, and the use of the word “man” in certain areas of military correspondence.  The call was for a return to “warrior mentality”, which sounds like an attack on changes in gender roles.

There was an interchange on Facebook today about the extent and significance of VP elect Mike Pence’s homophobia.  I attracted ire by maintaining that some religious freedom bills are no big deal, and tend to rarely matter.  But it is true, that a public accommodation for profit or a commercial business open to the public should not be allowed to discriminate against customers on gender-related issues or anything else.  In some areas of the country, that could add to more divisions and libertarian arguments might not always work.  But inside a church, religious groups can do what they want  They should consider why what others do matters to them so much.

President-elect Trump says that same-sex marriage is settled law and he has no objection to it.  Abortion is another matter. But he has asked Justice Ginsberg to resign today (WSJ)!

The New York Post has a somewhat reassuring piece on what a Trump administration will do here (was in Rick Sincere's Daily Paper from Charlottesville, also).

Nov. 16

But Pink News reports that Trump has considered that he would appoint William Pryor, former Alabama attorney general, who tried to defend the Texas sodomy law before Lawrence v. Texas., story by Patrick McCormick. (shared on Facebook by Jack Andraka, who wanted to give Trump "a chance").  

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