Sunday, December 11, 2016

Detailed report on LGBT immigrant detainees at detention center at Eloy, AZ

The Washington Blade has a stunning front page story by Gtreg Marzullo, a special to the Blade, “LGBT detainees describe harrowing life inside Eloy”

 The booklet-length story is not as visible on the website as in print.

Eloy is described as a privately run detention center in Arizona run by CCA.  The state has stricter than usual laws on detaining undocumented immigrants.  Furthermore federal law requires detention of many at the border if they are not sent back.  Actually, I had been under the impression that every asylum seeker detained at the Mexican border is held until a relative, private individual (unlikely if not known to the detainee already) or social services group agrees to support him or her.  Who pays for the health care bills or HIV treatment if necessary?

The story is detailed and requires a lot of study for its implications.

Wikipedia attribution link for Public domain photo by Zlatevksi.

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