Saturday, December 03, 2016

Mattis might want to undo progress on gays and transgender in the military, according to a new book

Peter Bergen, CNN national security analyst, has a column today "Inside the mind of 'Mad Dog' Mattis" about the likely Defense Secretary's views, and some of these views could affect advances made in the military in recent years regarding "LGBTQ people."

The comments concern a recent book "Warriors and Citizens" from the Hoover Press (published August 2016, edited by Karl Schakey and Mattis) with an essay by Mattis, "The Mattis Way of War".

Mattis is concerned about the relationship between the civilian world and the military which serves it.  But Bergen's piece notes a criticism of social goals, which include repealing past bans on open gays in the military and now transgender soldiers and sometimes the use of women in combat, as disregarding the "atavistic" nature of the way the military regard war, especially with an enemy that has less concern for human rights than we have.  So we have to be better than that.

I have downloaded the book on Kindle (the print copy is out of stock on Amazon) and will review it soon.

Update: Dec. 10

The Washington Blade reports in an article by Chris Johnson, "Fanning: Trump team uninterested in undoing LGBT military service." Eric Fanning is the openly gay secretary of the Army. 

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