Thursday, December 22, 2016

NC fails to repeal its "bathroom bill plus" out of Brexit-like attitudes, jeopardizing future job growth in the state

North Carolina’s legislature has failed to repeal its notorious HB 2, which drove McCroy out of office. This is the so-called “bathroom bill”.

Yes (to quote gay libertarian and Trump supporter Peter Thiel), the world may have bigger issues than bathroom use. And yes, some of it could have been reasonable if there is a reasonable procedure to change one’s stated gender as a matter of legal record (although parental consent is needed for minors).  But some transgender people say they can’t use any public bathroom at all.

But the bill went further, banning communities from passing their own anti-discrimination ordinances.  One attempt to broker a deal had meant a 6-month suspension of any local ordinances.

German Lopez on Vox has an op-ed “North Carolina Republicans just chose anti-LGBTQ discrimination over jobs for their constituents”.

Indeed, sports events and concerts have been canceled.  North Carolina has been a tech hub, especially around Charlotte and around Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (with all the universities like Duke and UNC).  This attitude almost sounds like “Brexit” of “Trump-xit” inasmuch a substantial, largely rural population, resents the hyper-individualism and secularism of modern life coming to the South.

In retirement at 73, may downsize in 2017, and I have thought about Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham as possible areas.  But I wouldn’t consider it with such an anti-business, anti-modern attitude surfacing.

Update: Dec. 25

NBC explains how gerrymandering contributes to maintaining the fanatical, job-destroying socially conservative extremism in post-Jesse Helms North Carolina, here. Conservative legislators vote this way "because they can" get away with it. 

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