Monday, January 02, 2017

Gay refugees and asylum seekers brace for Trump; QDEP calls for end of detention centers but has no idea how to support the asylum seekers

Julie  Moreau, Ph. D. has an important article on NBC News, “LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Group braces for Trump Administration”, link here.

The article was posted today on Center Global’s Facebook Page.

The article mentions a group in New York City, the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
The article mentions Trump’s conservative (or sometimes alt-right) cabinet picks, with particular concern about Jeff Sessions.

The group wants to close all detention centers, but understands the climate of fear after 9/11 in which they were built or reinforced.

But generally asylum seekers (LGBT or not) are not released from detention until people who know them personally agree to support them. (For many months, asylum seekers are not allowed to work or get benefits and must be supported by private sources or individuals if they don't have assets and are not in detention.)  Groups like QDEP and Center Global need to think through much more clearly and express transparently what they need.  There have been requests for housing hosts, but no discussion of the risks or legal issues involved.  It’s easy to imagine fund raisers or donors to purchase buildings to provide shelters.

This topic has been covered on my newer Wordpress blogs in more detail and I’ll return to it soon.
I have to add, that Russia’s 2013 anti-gay propaganda law (based on ideas about demographic winter and fecundity) was a prelude to other horrible behavior by Putin (whose macho photos show no chest hair).

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