Saturday, January 21, 2017

GLBT lawyer warnings about Islam and immigration, in a manner that sounds like Trump; White House takes down LGBT links

Shannon Gilreath has an op-ed in the Washington Blade going against conventional liberal wisdom, “Europe’s Islam Problem and U,S. Immigration Policy”.   She is a lawyer and says she has normally fought for gay rights as part of the liberal left.  But she provides warnings of what she says is evidence that even in the west Islam is hostile to tolerating homosexuality among anyone.  Perhaps this goes along with what Trump or even Ted Cruz would say.

The Blade also has article about Log Cabin trying to lobby to keep the XO protecting LGBT employees in federal service (I could wonder about security clearances, especially in intelligence agencies – but we have rulings like Obergefell, and Mattis seems OK with gay soldiers) and about the disappearance of the LGBT page from the White House website, as well as Nikku Haley’s reassuring statement on non-discrimination.  We’ll come back to this later.

And soon we'll have to look at how Trump's repeal of Obamacare could affect people with HIV.  It's not that easy even now.

Kaiser has a detailed discussion on pre-existing conditions before and after Obamacare, and HIV infection usually is considered pre-existing.

Update: Feb. 12

An opposing view to Gilreath's article appears on p. 21 under Viewpoint, Feb. 10, link here.

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