Friday, January 27, 2017

LGBTQ advocates brace for Trump's orders against refugees, possibly interfering with asylum seekers too

Michael K. Lavers has an article in the Blade, LGBTQ advocates condemn Trump’s expected immigration orders, yet it doesn’t go into the asylum issue very much.

It is true, however, that some refugee applications come from LGBTQ people, especially from “Islamist countries, although the sub-Saharan African area seems to be the worst.
More difficult is that apparently all refugee processing will be suspended for 120 days as the DHS reinvents is screening procedures.

On the other hand, the draft executive order specifically says people should be excluded if they show hostility to others based on sexual orientation (usually that’s based on religion, especially Islam).

Trump was expected to issue an XO today at 4:30 PM at the Pentagon.

Of particular concern is what happens to asylum applications already in place. Another remote concern would be whether refugees could be sent back.

A week ago, Lavers ran a story about a former foreign service officer who was fired from the State Department in 1967, ten years after a tryst in a men’s room, after the other person “named names”.  Back in 1967, Mike Wallace had aired that notorious CBS report “The Homosexuals” when Dean Rusk had said “when we find homosexuals, we discharge them.”

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