Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump agrees to continue Obama's LGBTQ protections, as a pleasant "surprise"

Trump has promised to leave in place a 2014 Obama administration executive order protecting LGBTQ persons in federal and related contractor workplaces. Jeremy Peters has the New York Times story here.

Chris Johnson's account for the Washington Blade is here.

Dan Tracer reported the story on Queerty, claiming Trump bragged about his record on LGBTQ rights.  In the mean time, it looks like Pryor will not be Trump's Supreme Court nomination.


A later Blade story signaled lingering unease about Trump's intention today. Trump seems to like individuals, including GLBTQ people, who seem charismatic and whom he can process as "winners" (I wonder if Trump would hire Milo Yiannopoulos as an "apprentice"), but dislikes connection to personal "weakness".  Well, to be honest, a lot of us behave personally as if we feel this way, until we are pushed by others toward "solidarity" - or, as they say in faith communities, "fellowship" (as in "Lord of the Rings").

The Advocate reported today that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee will introduce a religious freedom bill ("First Amendment Defense Act") targeting LGBT people in certain kinds of situations today. The biggest problem comes with faith-based groups that get federal or government funds.  When refugee processing resumes (in 120 days), the system will involve faith-based service agencies as intermediaries helping refugees.  I would fear that they could refuse to help LGBT refugees from hostile countries.  Generally, most of them have not shown any inclination to do this.

But in 1980 Catholic Charities refused to help Cuban refugees or hosts known to be gay.

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