Monday, February 06, 2017

Could Trump reneg on LGBTQ "rights" for "religious freedom"?

The Washington Post has a major editorial Monday morning, “Will Trump keep his promise on protecting LGBT rights?”

So far, perhaps with the urging of Jared Kushner and his wife, her has.  There has been no undoing of an Obama executive order protecting employees of federal contractors.

There is a concern about possible future orders or legislation that would allow federal employees to recuse themselves from providing assistance to people against their religious beliefs.
Likewise, there is concern that public accommodations could be allowed exceptions based on religious beliefs of owners.

If you use public funds, you should not be able to discriminate.  If you work for a government agency, you should not be able to circumvent the law in serving a particular constituent because of your religious beliefs.

But one problem is that legal procedures (and litigation) often name individuals as the agents of the organizations they work for.  That conveys the idea that there is no “double life”.  You should not work for an agency at all if your religious beliefs would interfere with your processing of a same-sex marriage license.

There’s no question, if you actually work for a church as a religious entity, then the church can require you to follow the faith.  But what about a parochial school, licensed by the state?  It should function as a public accommodation in treatment of employees and teachers.
I must say, I’ve visited a local Catholic school for some chess tournaments, and never run into any kind of issue.

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