Saturday, February 25, 2017

Houston has unusual club brawl; ABC miniseries on gay history coming next week

The Houston Chronicle has a report of an unusual and unfortunate event in a bar. A brawl broke out at the F Bar on Tuam Street in midtown Houston, story Feb. 24.    There were no reported injuries or arrests.  These events are rare in gay establishments.  I’ve witnessed only two of them.  One was in Wailuku Hawaii in Aug. 1980, and the other was in London, in the Soho area, in November 1982.  I did hear about an incident in the old Tracks in Washington in 1995 (when I wasn’t there).

These events of course don’t count external attacks, like the Pulse in Orlando in June 2016 or the arson at the Upstairs Lounge in Houston in June 1973, now the subject of a new film, “Upstairs Inferno”.   I’ve heard that fund raising will start soon for a film about Pulse, but I have no details.
I’ve actually been ejected once from a bar, the Gay 90s in Minneapolis, in October 2001, when a security person thought I was unsteady as I walked down stairs (I wasn’t).  Twice I was denied admission to the Brass Rail (small, no disco) in Minneapolis in the fall of 2002, and I have no idea why.  But security in bars was touchier in the period after 9/11 than it had ever been before.

At Cobalt last night, someone was wearing a T-shirt advocating California secession – an idea gaining steam in the era of Trump.

The ABC mini-series “When We Rise” will air next week on four nights, 2-hour segments (8 hours total) about gay history. 9 PM EST. schedule here.

Wikipedia attribution link for Houston picture by Trivillex, CCSA 2.0

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