Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milo is scorned by most of gay community; Presidents' Day weekend meltdowns

By now, everyone knows that Milo Yiannopolous had a rough President’s Day (it’s supposed to be a Holiday).  He was disinvited to speak at CPAC at National Harbor (MD), lost his book deal at Simon $ Shuster (Threshold), and could lose his place and income from Breitbart.

At a social last Saturday morning (AGLA at Freddie’s) some of us talked about his controversies.  There is a general feeling that, although his “enemies” like to pull his most provocative quotes out of context, his “rationalizatons” are self-serving (in a “Dr. Phil” sense).  He does not identify with being oppressed, particularly with being part of a marginalized group.  He (like Donald Trump) behaves as if he nurtured a certain inner contempt for “losers” (even in biological terms) or for people who cannot fit in to a competitive society easily.  One or more of his comments about trans people could certainly be viewed this way.  Milo seems to believe it is up to challenged people to lift themselves up, and fit in to the expectations of others.  That can invite bullying.

The male gay community, of course, is sometimes accused of promoting “body fascism” which, when it gets beyond the personal life area, can morph into something politically dangerous.

In a Vox  (article by German Lopez) has written that Milo has, perhaps not completely intentionally, fed into myths that connect male homosexuality to pedophilia.  This is an idea that Vladimir Putin in Russia exploited with the 2013 anti-gay propaganda law, a situation that still contributes to asylum seeking in the US, which may well narrow under Trump.

Some people, whom I see as credible, have told me in person that they are offended by Milo’s behavior and don’t like to see bloggers or reporters bringing him up and rationalizing his comments even with context.

But the Wall Street Journal has some constructive comments on the slant on the “pedophilia” issue in an article by Jeffrey Trachtenberg here. (Later today: Milo's own press conference remarks here on Facebook.)

On Saturday evening, by the way, I went in to Town DC and attended the DC Rawhide (country and western) event (every two weeks, since Remington’s closed about three years ago).  I went home early, while the Metro was still running.  it was good to hear some other general show music, as from the Twilight movies, The mood reminded me of the Roundup on Cedar Springs in Dallas (at one time known as Magnolia's).   I was last there in late 2011.


Was Milo set up by an "anti-Trump" hit?  Daily Caller has an account  Fake news?

There is a video of his press conference here.

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