Saturday, February 04, 2017

Paul Ryan notes Obama's support for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers

As I noted yesterday, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding LGBT refugees and asylum seekers, as court rulings, appeals, and more EO’s seem to change the legal landscape every day, even on weekends.

Paul Ryan tried to cite the Obama administration’s informal quota of LGBT refugees as a justification for Trump’s recognition of religious minorities in Muslim countries by parallelism.  Chris Johnson has the Washington Blade story by Chris Johnson here.  Democrats deny that there were any quotas.  But the story is significant in that it appears that the GOP does accept the idea that LGBT persecution abroad is a legitimate reason for refugee entry, or for asylum processing (when already here) at least sometimes.  I have not heard any statements from Trump or the White House that this would change.

The Blade has also noted the threat to funding of LGBT services (like HIV clinics and probably asylum assistance in many cities) could occur if Trump is able to punish “sanctuary cities” including Washington.  That could, in some scenarios, lead to situations were asylum seekers become totally dependent on hosts because they are not allowed to have benefits or to work in many cases.
It’s uncertain what will happen, but it looks like asylum processing will be suspended, at least for the “countries of particular concern”, but it doesn’t look like asylum seekers would be deported, at least for now.  But it still sounds uncertain.

The Organization for Refugee, Asylum and Migration (ORAM) has a statement on the travel ban (as under litigation now).

Picture:  Near "Putinville" and the closed Russian spy compound on the Bay ("Back to the Bay" indeed) at Centreville. MD, today.

Update: Feb. 7

Note this Blade article by Michael K, Lavers on El Salvador -- but that country is bad for almost everybody. 

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