Friday, March 24, 2017

Bill proposes banning discrimination on sexual orientation or gender identity in federal jury selection

Congress is considering proposed federal law that would prohibit discrimination on sexual orientation in choosing jurors in federal courts, according to this Blade story by Lou Chibarro, Jr.

The measures were introduced in the House by Susan Davis (D-CA) and Senate by Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Susan Vollins (R-ME).

I was chosen for juries twice in Texas, for local service, and was a foreman in a weapons case in Dallas in 1982.  The judge recognized me because I had sat in on a case in 1980 over a trial resulting from police harassment in gay bars at the time.

Neil Gorsuch, in confirmation hearings as a Supreme Court appointment to replace Scalia (and he is only 49) did say that gay marriage is settled law, but admitted there were some controversies over applying it in a religious freedom context in some unusual business settings, and he said he would not share his personal views, LGBTQNation story by Alex Bollinger here. Gorsuch also said that he made no promised to Trump on Roe v. Wade, which he does see as somewhat vulnerable given advances in fetal medicine and knowledge of unborn personhood (in answering bachelor Sen Lindsey Graham). .

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