Thursday, March 02, 2017

LGBTQ immigration and asylum seeking from Central America covered in new Blade story

The Washington Blade has a detailed story March 2 by Michael Lavers on LGBTQ immigration from Central America.  The migrants flee drug-related violence and lawlessness, most of all probably from El Salvador.

Some people try to arrange passage through smugglers, and then request asylum at the border and are usually put into detention.

The policies of Donald Trump certainly raise anxieties, but maybe not as much as people think – as there were so many deportations under Obama.

Central American culture is obviously very hostile to gender-related ambiguity, as the article notes.

Nevertheless, a local Arlington VA church, Mount Olivet, has in the past sent missionary groups to El Salvador.

Assistance for LGBT asylum seekers has tended to focus on sub-Saharan Africa (which is largely evangelical Christian rather than Muslim) and sometimes Russia, which passed its notorious law in 2013.

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