Wednesday, March 29, 2017

North Carolina to vote March 30 on "repeal" of HB2 under threat of banishment by NBA

North Carolina’s Democratic governor and gerrymandered GOP legislature will vote Thursday morning on a repeal of HB2, the “bathroom bill”, under threat of the NCAA to boycott the state for five years unless the bill is repealed by March 30.

The bill would leave the state in administrative control of public restroom laws and schools, prohibit local ordinances on the matter until 2020 (not clear if this could affect other discrimination) and would continue to allow birth certificate change under medical supervision.

The Charlotte Observer has a detailed story here.

As Vox's German Lopez writes, this is not a real repeal. It's a "bait and switch" to use the words of Barbara Ehrenreich.

Update: March 30

The repeal has passed both houses of the legislature and heads for the governor, Post story.

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