Saturday, April 29, 2017

Asylum Seeker Assistance Project holds fundraiser in suburban Maryland; more answers coming

I rather played hooked on the Climate Change march today, having gone to the March for Science last weekend, as I went to a reception in Bethesda, MS for ASAP, a new NGO, “Asylum Seeker Assistance Project”.   The event today was called “Together We Rise”.    DC Center Global was there.

I’ll comment more on my own involvement in the future, as it is still not certain.  I did speak to two attorneys, Jason Dzubow (“The Asylumist”) and Lindsay Harris, Assistant Law Professor of the University of the District of Columbia.  The law of the responsibilities for potential hosts for asylum seekers is not very well developed or specified in the United States, and tends to fall on personal values about risk v. responsibility, and access to social capital.  But there is a sense that maybe the purchase of shelters is a promising direction, and Maryland may be a better jurisdiction than Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Last night I visited “Post Cherry” at Town, after riding up the Green Line from Nationals Park, where I watched the Nats lose a game to the Mets upon returning home.  Major League Baseball can set an example with its openness to immigrant players.

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