Sunday, April 23, 2017

Texas considers clone of NC HB2 "pseudo-repeal" which is worse; Cherry circuit party in DC

The Washington Blade, in an article by Chris Johnson, is reporting that Texas is considering a bill modeled after North Carolina’s HB2 “repeal”.  There is a curious irony in this. The Texas bill. HB2899 would bar any city or county from adopting any anti-discrimination law based on any invented “protected class” not already recognized by state (or federal) law.  That would effectively nullify LGBT discrimination (with regard to employment and housing) bills in many cities like Dallas and Houston. But on the surface the bill sounds benign and abstract, since it does not specifically mention gender identity or bathroom use.  This parallels what happened in North Carolina.  The bill is also an alternative to the more specific Senate Bill 6.

I used to live in Dallas (1979-1988) and things have come a long way – in the big cities. The Dallas Voice has its story on the bill here.

I finally got around to looking into the DC Cherry Circuit Party today (link).  (Is it a bit like The Saint's Black Party in the past, March 25, 2012).   Down the street I see that an after-hours party was held at Flash this morning (next to the Uproar, see March 31).   The Cherry DC weekend raises money mostly for HIV charities (Doug Rule story for Metro Weekly).  I did visit the DC9 venue for dinner, but came home.  No time for it given the events in NYC and then the March for Science all day Saturday.  Will try next year.

There was a film "Circuit" in 2000 by Dirk Shafer about the White Party in Palm Springs.

Update: May 17

Here is more from a Houston station on the situation in Texas, which Phil Chandler shared today on Facebook, as long as his own article on his Facebook page (expect to see it  on Hubpages soon).

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