Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump appoints anti-gay state legislator as Secretary of the Army

President Donald Trump has chosen “Christian” conservative Tennessee state senator Mark Green to be Secretary of the Army, replacing the openly gay Eric Fanning.  There are multiple news stories, such as LifeSite  and the Nashville Post.

But the LifeSite article also noted at an open Lesbian (married legally to a female) was selected as commandant of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  (I have visited the grounds twice, in 1973 and 1994).  Trump seems unaware of unconcerned about gay issues with these appointments, but not deliberately hostile.  He should check with Jared Kushner on these matters.

The HRC sent an announcement by email tonight, along with an opposition petition and a request for a $75 donation.   I gave it, but I already contribute monthly through a bank. The script didn’t seem to check who was already a contributor.

The New York Times has a story by Helene Cooper and Maggie Haberman, here.   The article is disturbing because Green recently compared gay marriage obliquely to abortion (as if avoiding procreation were a kind of backdoor abortion, which may be what he believes).

Nathaniel Frank has analysis in Slate, recommended reading by Aarom Belkin at the Palm Center. And the Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports Green as having said that transgenderism is a disease.

It is hard to predict how he will behave with respect to the DADT repeal and more recent attempts to integrate transgender soldiers  Mattis has said he doesn’t care about soldiers’ private lives as long as it doesn’t affect the units.  Yet his book "Warriors and Citizens" suggests concern over the effect of rapidly changing social mores on military forces. Another possible area of concern could be security clearances for some civilians.

I do have one picture from the Food and Friends Dine Out at Freddie’s Beach Bar Thursday night.

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