Saturday, May 27, 2017

Covert hate groups of lawyers infiltrate Trump administration and some state, watch group claims

Who has heard of this group, Alliance Defending Freedom, as described in “Media Matters”?
There are subsidiary groups of Allied Attorneys and the Blackstone Fellowships that support “Christian” lawyers, so to speak.

There is a community website with no public content which would seem a little suspicious.

Media Matters claims that some are serving in the Trump administration and various states.  But does their activity go beyond the fringe groups and the “Hobby Lobby” crowd?   Let the market dictate how credible they are?

One Facebook friend notes that the “bathroom bills” came about as a fantasy on the Right, that really could pay attention to more real terror and security threats.  Remember in 2004 when Santorum wanted to pass an anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment and Feinstein criticized him for ignoring the anti-terrorism bill.

Picture: Pride sign in Frederick, MD (left side of photo)

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