Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My own first time at the DC Eagle when all floors were open (Memorial Day party)

I did visit the DC Eagle for its Memorial Day party, starting at 4 PM.  I got there a little after 6.
Metro was running bus only on the orange line to the closest Metro station on Minnesota Ave about 1500 feet away, so I went to the Benning Road station on the Largo (normally Silver or Blue) line, about 4000 feet away.  The neighborhood is improving, with new apartment construction, with the site actually advertising for jobs.

Most of the people were on the deck outside the dance floor.  This was the first time I’ve been there when the large dance floor was open, as I have not been there late at night.  A female member of the MPD GLBT liason was there.  While we were there news of Bryce Harper’s brawl at the Nats game in San Francisco started getting around on people’s phones, but the baseball game didn’t happen to be on downstairs (as it often would be).

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