Saturday, May 06, 2017

Private "Christian" colleges still fire people for pro-gay speech; Kentucky judge won't hear gay adoption cases

A few private “Christian” colleges have followed aggressive policies dismissing staff who support gay rights (especially gay marriage) even “off the job”.  The New York Daily News reports on Intervarsity.  And the Moorfield Storey Institute has a story on Montreat College near Asheville, NC,

But it has always been common for private “Christian” schools to maintain that sexuality should be reserved for procreation in marriage, as part of some collective scheme to get everyone to belong to a natural family that survives into the afterlife (Heaven).  If some people don’t go along, that weakens things for everyone else in their families, so the thinking used to go. It really is about procreation.

And there is a case of a family court judge in Kentucky who won’t hear gay adoption cases at all, even for legally married couples (Daily News).  Would “religious freedom” let him opt out?  But it seems self-contradictory:  one of the objections to homosexuality has always been the circular idea of avoiding responsibility for having to raise kids (and propagate the family).  The judge claims people who engage in homosexual sex “cannot help children”.

The Washington Blade reports that governors in both Tennessee and Alabama have signed bills which would allow religiously-based adoption agencies to refuse legally married gay couples to be considered without losing state funding, link

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