Monday, May 29, 2017

What would a president Pence be like now?

Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade has a piece looking at the prospect of a “successful” Trump impeachment or Trump resignation, and then having Mike Pence as president by accident.

Has Pence moderated his views since 2000 when he suggested conversion therapy as a strategy for HIV?  The essay seems to hint at a lot of softening of his views, out of necessity.

Trump generally has not been hostile to LGBT people (although he didn't support gay marriage until it became "the law of the land"), partly because he had a few LGB candidates on the Apprentice, and knows full well that a gay man or woman could definitely win the gauntlet.

Pence does seem to be the expert on North Korea, which along with some of the middle East has to be among the world’s worst for LGBT people.

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