Friday, June 09, 2017

Hardhitting article from Los Angeles slams white gay men even for not wanting to date outside of their race (or at least saying so)

Is it racism to claim you will not date or fall in love with someone of a different race?  Pater Laarman makes that shocking assertion in an article in LA Progressive, “When a Pride March Means Owning the Shame of Racial and Economic Justice”, link here.    This gets very personal, about what turns you on.  There is a Daily Beast piece about race and dating apps here.

He also talks about the damage of gentrification of poor neighborhoods, speaks out against the cis male attitude, and targets successful gay men like Anderson Cooper and Andrew Sullivan. He may not be aware that Anderson’s own genealogy turned up a slave in his background: he turned up 1/16 black, I think.  Obama is ½ white.

It’s pretty easy to imagine that either Anderson Cooper or Tim Cook would be quite fit to become president of the United States, but so would Kristin Beck (the “Lady Valor” transgender former Navy Seal).

I’m reminded of the “no fats, no fems” of personal ads of the past. Or of Milo Yiannopoulos and his fat shaming.

I got this piece in an email from Don Kilhefner, “gay tribal elder”. Sorry, call yourself tribal plays into Donald Trump’s hands.

I’m also reminded of black gay CNN anchor Don Lemon, who authored his “pull up your pants” lecture to young black men in inner cities.

See related story May 28.

Update: June 23

Huffington Post has a "reverse body fascism" attack by Donovan Trott, "An open letter to gay white men: No, you;re not allowed to have a racial preference", link.   Milo Yiannopoulos weighs in here.  I'll take this up on Wordpress soon (it's in Chapter 2 of my DADT III book in 2014), with more moral vanity.  It's a lot to take in right now. 

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