Saturday, June 03, 2017

Two NOVA events Friday; Richmond-based gay publication helps get Gavin Grimm recognized by Time Magazine

I went to two social gatherings late Friday, something I don’t do very often in one day anymore,

First, in the late afternoon I paid a visit to Lake Anne Brew House on the village commons around the lake in Reston, VA, sponsored by NOVA Pride.  It was small, informal;  drinks and snacks, no food.  There were outdoor restaurants around, all crowded.  There was a cat hospital in the archway entering the area.

Then I did go to AGLA-s first Friday social at Penzimmi’s in the Weston Hotel in Ballston, and was privileged to meet Justin Ayars, JD, now the Publisher and Editor in Chief of “UniteVAMag” (“United Virginia Magazine”), based in Richmond, with the tag wordmark, “Equality Through Storytelling” (sounds like a good potential trademark to me).

Justin has his own blog entry, “Virginia’s Exclusive Interview with Gavin Grimm”.  This interview helped motivate Time Magazine to name  Gavin as one the world’s most 100 influential people in 2016. Gavin’s Time Magazine article is here.

Justin told me his undergraduate degree is from William and Mary, where my own long narrative stared as I was expelled by the Dean of Men on Nov. 28, 1961, after he had called me in the day after Thanksgiving and gotten me to admit to "latent homosexuality" based on other rumors in the dorm. Another writer, Tom Baker, would have a major incident in the fall of 1963.
My own last visit to an Equality Virginia dinner was in April 2005.  That's another story. 

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