Thursday, August 03, 2017

Former CEO of Rentboy gets 6 months in prison; judge noted he had done good works with his illegal income

Jeffrey Hurant, former CEO of “”  (link is for legal defense fund; the site no longer operates and domain name is for sale), has been sentenced to six months in prison in federal court in Brooklyn, for promoting prostitution.  But the judge admitted, in somewhat libertarian fashion, that Hurant had done considerable good for the gay community in fighting AIDS and HIV with safe-sex education and had often cooperated with law enforcement in other matters.

Here' is the CBS News story

The story reminds one of the controversy over Backpage, which has been used in heterosexual trafficking.  Bills in Congress (reported on my BillBoushka blog yesterday) could make websites and web service providers share more downstream liability, carving out Section 230 exceptions.  This could indirectly affect amateur reporting on gay issues like everything else.

Milo Yiannopoulos has reported a brutal beating of white teens in Quincy MA which was filmed on a cellphone without a 911 call.  This might be a gay bashing.  Here is his link. I have sent this story on to ABC7News. 

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