Saturday, August 12, 2017

More LGBT asylum seekers from Central America; transgender military ban halted by North Korean situation

The Washington Blade, in a story by Michael J. Lavers,  is reporting the entry of at least sixteen LGBT (some are trans) asylum seekers from Central America who came through Mexico and arrived at the border at Nogales.  It is not clear yet how they will be assisted, whether they would go to detention or be housed somewhere.  It’s not completely clear yet if Trump’s various EO’s matter. This blog had discussed the idea of parole form detention here April 1.

The Blade also reports (story by Karen Ocamb)  that the implementation of Trump’s tweeted transgender ban in the military has been put on hold because of “the threat of nuclear war with North Korea”.  On July 29, I had written a Wordpress blog posting suggesting that Trump’s transgender ban could make him look bad in facing North Korea.  Trump had written his notorious tweet two days before DPRK’s second ICBM test and I wrote this blog posting a couple more days after.  

Jennifer Williams, a "trans Republican" has a perspective on the trans ban here (published by Log Cabin Republicans). 

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