Saturday, August 05, 2017

Trump instructs on transgender attrition from military; Outwrite Book Fair in Washington DC

The Trump administration has passed some guidance down on transgender soldiers, saying they will not be allowed to reenlist, and officers must leave when their commissions expire. Lambda Legal has announced it is about to file legal action, as in this story today

Rumors about this outcome were circulating today as I attended the 2017 Outwrite LGBT Book Fair at the DC Center in Washington DC.  I’ve given some details on my Book Reviews blog today.  Transgender-related (and gender fluidity themes seemed more in evidence this year than last, when I had an exhibit with my “Do Ask Do Tell” series.  Yet, culturally, the transgender and fluid community circulates rather separately from the cis-male world of a lot of dance floors (so it seemed last night at Town).

I believe that Center Global would have held its monthly meeting at noon (I was there around 1 PM) but there was not discussion while I was there of asylum and hosting  I have not been able to work out a plan to assist with that so far this year, and may sell my inherited trust house, as I have explained on other posts.  This year, I did not set up a table for my “Do Ask Do Tell” books as I had in 2016.
Canada has started accepted refugees from Chechnya (maybe these are really asylum seekers), story.

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