Saturday, September 02, 2017

Asylum seekers in the Bay Area; Chechnyan transgender asylum seeker smuggled into US; Trump complicates green cards

The East Bay Express has a story about LGBT asylum seekers obtaining assistance, including housing hosting, in the San Francisco Bay area (with among the highest housing costs in the nation).  The link is here.  A number of them are from Russia.

There is also a narrative of a transgender asylum seeker fr Chechnya who was smuggled across the border from Mexico, in a Washington Post story by Adam Taylor, here.   Getting involved in bringing someone into the country “illegally” is not something that can be recommended out of prudence.  Maybe this is the “Rich Young Ruler” problem, having too much to lose.

The Trump administration has added a personal interview requirement for most green card applications, which could complicate the process for many asylum seekers, who face waiting periods before eligibility and may depend on the financial support of others to stay in the country (story). 

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